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Things you should know

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“Choose a home with an eye towards future needs”
Buying a home is a big investment. If you can stretch a little today to buy a home that you can grow into, do it.


“Once you are ready to buy, move quickly”
The best properties go fast. Once you have made up your mind to buy a home, be prepared to make decisions quickly. If you find the right house today, but are not ready to move until tomorrow…you may already be too late.


Not all “Fixer-Uppers” are good deals.
Before you proceed, do a careful evaluation of what you will have to invest, and consult with your Realtor to learn what you can reasonably expect when you put the home back on the market.


“Shop with your head, not with your heart”
Don’t forget the purpose of your “needs and desires” list shopping for a home is an emotional process. Your heart will cost you money, use your head.


“Location, Location, Location”
No home is an Island, and the value of yours is affected by the homes that surround it.