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Pre-Approval Loan Programs

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Pre-Approval Loan Programs

Many buyers are applying for a loan and obtaining approval before they find the home they want to buy.

Here’s Why…

  1. You minimize the trauma of not knowing whether or not you qualify.
  2. Once qualified, you look at the right priced homes.
  3. You save money dealing with a comfortable seller.
  4. A pre-qualified buyer is a stronger bidder. You close quicker.

Home Protection Plan

As an additional benefit, we will have the sellers provide a Home Protection Plan for you. Coverage is for one year and includes:

Central heating system
Electrical central air system
Interior Plumbing
Built-in appliances
Electric pool equipment
Plus other optional coverage

If the home you choose does not have a Home Protection Plan, you can purchase coverage yourself. Our Buyer Specialist will provide you with the information on available plans.