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We Can Work With Any MLS Member

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We Can Work With Any MLS Member

  1. As a member of the Multiple Listing Service, we can show you any property listed by any real estate company in the state of Texas.
  2. If you see an ad in the newspaper or sign in the yard, call your Buyer Specialist. Your Buyer Specialist will provide you with information and show you the property.
  3. We work for you!

We Can Work With For-Sale-By-Owners

  1. Homeowners trying to sell their own homes usually do so because their homes are overpriced, and they are hoping you will be willing to over pay.
  2. Homeowners selling their own property will work with us if we introduce you to the property.
  3. If you see a property that is for sale by the owner, let us contact the owner and make an appointment for you.